Parts and Consumables

Shotcrete Services supply comprehensive shotcrete parts and consumables including:

  • Dry spray nozzles, clamps and gaskets
  • Wet spray nozzles, clamps and gaskets
  • Steel conveyance pipes
  • Pre-pumping pipeline lubricants
  • Protective coatings for machinery
  • Shotcrete admixtures
  • Dry spray accelerated steel fibre shotcrete material

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Testing Equipment - Shotcrete Penetrometer
Verification of consistency is vital in the initial stages of the concrete curing process in order to ensure maximum strength. During this phase, multiple needle penetration tests provide a reliable indication of texture, and can be considered in conjunction with other tests as the mixture hardens over time.
Concrete penetration testing ensures:
• Accuracy and repeatability
• Optimum reliability
• Optimum safety
• Minimising of costly down time
• Consistent quality in concrete layers
• Compliance with recognised standards
• Simple operation suitable for unskilled staff
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Sponge Balls & Couplings
Sponge balls and couplings are available in sizes  from 2" to  5"

Items sold separately include:

-  Clamp
-  Gasket
-  Safety Clip
-  Balls (can be either hard or soft depending on preference)
Spraying Equipment
Spraying equipment is available as individual items or complete units as required by the customer.

Shotcrete Services Ltd has developed a bespoke turbo that reduces from 3" to 2". This is connected via a 2" nozzle hose to the nozzle tip.

Nozzle hoses can be made to suit customer requirements, standard length is 3 metres.

Couplings to suit air hose and/or accelerator hose (if required), standard couplings are 1.5" and 1" camlock type.
Spraying Nozzles

Robotic and hand spraying nozzles are available as stock items.